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Solar Arrays


JSC “Saturn” has been developing and producing solar arrays since 1971.

During this time more than 1200 solar arrays of total area exceeding 20,000 square meters have been produced. The solar arrays are designed for operation in all types of orbits, i.e., LEO, GEO, high elliptical orbit, high circular orbit, and in deep space conditions. Our company is a participant of many space programs, such as Resource-DK, Gonets-D, Molnia, Ekran, Electro-L, Phobos-Grunt, Glonass, Spectrum, Orbcomm, Express spacecraft family, Yamal spacecraft family and others.

SA panel for spacecraft Spectrum-R (Si)
SA module for spacecraft
SA panel for spacecraft Spectrum-R (Si)
SA segment for spacecraft «Resource-DK» (Si)
   ѻ (Si  GaAs)
SA segment for spacecraft Resource-DK (Si)
SA panel for spacecraft GLONASS (Si and GaAs)
SA for spacecraft Orbcomm (GaAs)
SA for spacecraft Orbcomm (GaAs)


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